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Sashiko tutorial
lo escribimos el 5 de Agosto


When we start blogging, in 2012, one of the first things we talked about was the Japanese Sashiko embroidery, and I still in love with this way of embroidering, so simple at first sight, geometric and elegant at once.

I really wanted to make a sashiko tutorial, in fact, my brother Nacho bring me the sashimi goodies from Japan. Embroidery thread and needle for sashiko, such a treasure!


You will need: blue cotton fabric, white cotton thread, chalk pencil, sashiko needle, a embroydery hoop, and embroidery scissors.

You cand find hundreds of sashiko patterns on internet, I have choose this one, as it plays with straight and zigzag lines. I found it here.

This video is great to learn how to do sashiko:

I recommend that you always start by straight lines, you should keep on your needle several stitches, so you can make them fit easily. One of the key points of this embroidery is that at intersections should not join the threads:


It is to make as a stitch, with regular stitches, always leaving the same space between them and making the lines do not meet.

The thread should never be tight, so you must ensure before finishing the stitches are settled in the fabric.

Another important point of this embroidery to consider lines is when you change your direction, for example, when you zigzag. This time, in the backside, you should leave some thread, a small loop, so will not influence the settlement of the thread (see drawing).




I still have much to improve, but considering it is the first time I’m very happy.


Did you know this embroidery before? Come on, let’s try!



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